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  • Safety, Insurance & Bonding

    Bonding Capacity & Insurance Coverage

    Performance Bonding: The William F. Lynch Company, Inc., has both the single and the aggregate bonding strength and capacity to assure completion of your project.

    Workers’ Compensation: Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance is obtained through HVAC Compensation Corporation. This self-insured group of select Massachusetts HVAC contractors was formed in 1991 to proactively manage this important coverage.

    Through our group safety programs, we continually work to prevent injuries while we manage treatments to get our workers back on the job as quickly and safely as possible.

    As a company and as a group, we have easily outperformed the average insurance company experience loss ratio (ELR).

    General Liability/Property Damage: General liability insurance is secured through various insurance providers. A certificate of insurance stating coverage will be provided upon request.

    Umbrella: The William F. Lynch Company, Inc., carries an umbrella insurance of ten million dollars. ($10,000,000).


    Awareness: At William F. Lynch Company, Inc., safety on the project site is a prime concern. To achieve the highest level of safety, we’ve developed a safety manual in conjunction with our self insurance group. This manual is reviewed and signed by every new employee as part of their orientation. A copy of our safety manual and material safety data sheets (MSDS) are provided to each job site prior to construction.

    Prevention: Our goal is to prevent accidents, not react to them. Every accident is investigated and reviewed by the Safety Inspector and the Company President. If the investigation warrants, new preventative measures are quickly implemented.

    Tool Box Safety: To enhance a safe working environment, we regularly schedule weekly toolbox safety talks and perform job site inspections by our OSHA trained Safety Inspector.

    Safety Awards: Positive reinforcement of safe practices is provided through our rewards and incentive program. We present Safety Awards for accident-free labor and reward those whose suggestions for a safer workplace are implemented.


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